‘Stalking Aidan’ Out Now!

StalkingAidanAfter writing it for about three months, my new book, Stalking Aidan is out!

It’s a prequel to Borrowed Time, and tells the story of why the main character, Aidan McRaney leaves London for Ireland.

Setting up a blog to write about my writing, and any other stuff that catches my attention has made me look at why I write what I write. So why have I written about this McRaney character, and the themes around his story?

The truth is, I really like to delve into the mind of a man rather than a woman, and Aidan McRaney’s story in both of these books is told in the first person. I’m actually working on the third book in the series right now, which carries on this way. To be perfectly honest, I’m enjoying writing for the character and his family, I’m even considering a fourth book!

There was so much happening in his London life, from the time he’s released from prison in Stalking Aidan, through to his relationship with a 19 year old, Caitlan McKenna, the tale just keeps expanding.

Stalking Aidan is set before Borrowed Time, as I’ve previously mentioned, which starts Aidan’s story. He’s released from prison and the only thing he wants to do is to see his son. Unfortunately for him, there are others out there who are manipulating and sabotaging his life making it almost impossible.

If you’ve already read Borrowed Time, this Aidan will appear rather more naive in Stalking Aidan. This is highlighted by one of my favourite scenes to write, in which he has a dinner date with a sophisticated woman, while he himself wears an outmoded suit.

There is something of Jack Higgins’ novel that served as a bit of inspiration, especially his books Confessional and A Prayer For The Dying as well as Gerald Seymour’s wonderful Harry’s Game. I can’t deny that other influences came from The Long Good Friday, The Resurrection Man, and shows like the 1960s Untouchables.

The biggest influence, however, would perhaps be actor Aidan Turner (Being Human, The Hobbit), as I’ve kind of based Aidan McRaney on him. Perfect casting!

I hope you enjoy the book. You can download Stalking Aidan now.

Look out for the next book in the series, The Irish Connection!


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