Overview of the Aidan McRaney Trilogy. SPOILERS!

StalkingAidanThis post is an overview of the three Aidan McRaney books, Stalking Aidan, Borrowed Time and the third book, Progeny of a Killer, which I’m still working on. Again massive spoilers ahead!

However you can just read a couple of excerpts from Stalking Aidan and Borrowed Time instead.

The trilogy is a profile of a young Irishman Aidan McRaney. The stories revolve around an Irish family living in London.

Aidan is the narrator, and the proverbial black sheep of the family. The only member of the family who has spent time behind bars. He was unwittingly uprooted from the Dublin school he loved at age nine and a half, without knowing why, to live in Blackheath in London. There he changed from the quiet studious boy he once was, to a rebellious teen, turning his back on his schooling and getting into trouble.

After saving the life of mob boss Frankie Lamond, Aidan becomes his number one minder. One night an assassin strikes, after Lamond reneges on a drugs deal. Aidan kills the assassin, whom it transpires is one Brian Fitzwalter; the son of the man whom Lamond cheated over the drugs deal. Lamond’s girlfriend, Leanne Harlow – who is also Aidan’s mistress – is shot and killed. The sight of her lovely face destroyed by Fitzwalter’s bullet haunts Aidan during his time in prison. At Aidan’s trial, the Fitzwalters vowed to get even. That the young Irishman was, “already a dead man.”

Now he’s out. In ‘Stalking Aidan’ we meet him for the first time. Aidan’s older brother, ex-squaddie Harry, employs Aidan at his landscape business. Much to Aidan’s annoyance, the ever vigilant Harry is always expecting his kid brother, whom he knows still has mob connections, to put a foot wrong. Harry is there to make certain that he doesn’t. However, Aidan’s only desire is to be a proper father to his nine year old son, despite the undisguised disapproval of his ex-wife.

There are others ultimately interested in the young Irishman’s progress, resulting in the death of his beautiful 18 year old sister Laurena. A wheelchair -bound ex-police sergeant Sir George Treveleyan in also interested in the young man, for his own designs. Aidan encounters Sir George for the first time when Aidan is injured and half blinded in ‘Borrowed Time’.

Unbeknown to Aidan, Treveleyan is intent on manipulating him for his own sinister purpose. A purpose that’s finally revealed in the final book ‘Progeny of a Killer’. The book explains Aidan’s late mother’s fidelity is exposed in illicit affairs that her family knew nothing about.

Aidan only learns from Harry that his sister Laurena is another man’s child. He also finds out the reason behind their impromptu exit from Dublin. Dermot, Aidan’s father, killed one Michael Docherty, the man his wife had an affair with.

Why does Aidan experience odd dreams and visions of a dead Provo who uncannily seems to bear a resemblance to him?

It transpires that Sir George Treveleyan is a dangerous man. A man equipped with knowledge of the occult mysteries of Tibet. He uses remote viewing to find anyone in the world, even if they have no desire to be found.

Only Treveleyan is aware  of Aidan’s secret. A secret even Aidan has no knowledge of. Treveleyan uses ex-cons as his operatives. Who better to know the criminal world? It has been Sir George’s intention from the outset of Aidan’s release  to manipulate him for the one ultimate goal.

In the wake of the Lamond brothers demise, someone has taken over the criminal underbelly of London. A man burning with hate and revenge. Other agents have gone in but have been destroyed. Treveleyan knows that Aidan McRaney, the man he has groomed for such a mission, is the only one who can ingratiate himself into the treacherous world of a fellow countryman. A man deep into the world of white slave trafficking, paedophilia and other heinous crimes. It is only when he finally confronts this man that Aidan realises the terrible truth of who he really is.

Faced with the ultimate decision of life or death to his enemy, Aidan is unaware of what the man is capable. The only people in his life who really matter, his 10 year old son, his little baby and his beautiful young bride are in danger from this man’s treachery. Can he save them in time?



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