What Can Rave Reviews Book Club Do for you?

Since becoming an Author/ Member of Rave Reviews Book Club, I have met some really fabulous people. Although they reside in many different countries, I have begun to regard them as friends. Enough to know them by their names, and, even without the RRBC hashtag on Twitter I support them by retweeting often.

Suffice to say I have only been on RRBC for a matter of weeks. Already I have become Member Of The Week, and have journeyed on an amazing Blog Tour, for which 4 Wills Publishing did a fantastic job. The  lovely members who were pleased to host the blog posts I’d written  were so supportive.

The first time I had ever done a Blog Tour I was quite ignorant of everything it entailed.  I wrote the blogs, and 4 Wills did the rest. I was amazed and delighted with the incredible support I was given.

Supporting each other is what it’s all about. Let’s face it,  we Indie folk do need help, advice and assistance in this ‘needle in a haystack’ world of Self Publishing, where it’s so easy to become a lone voice that no one listens to. We’ve all been there. I know I have. Mood swings don’t cover it. The highs, the  lows riding  the literary rollercoaster. The excitement when we make a few sales. The despondency when we don’t.

But receiving support doesn’t mean accepting without giving. As I am getting to know other members (I love to tweet) I  check out their books on Amazon and promote them.

Though I think for me, one of the  most enjoyable ways to support, meet and have a laugh at the same time, is through Chatovod. I do try to ‘sit in’ on these online chats as often as I can. It is only if I’m out or at work that I’m not able  to attend them.

We get to meet Nonnie for a start. Our founder lady, whose brainchild has been invaluable help to Independent authors. Plus the other members who are so incredibly down to earth, and have such a great sense of humour.  I  have also  been quite moved by some of the poignant true life conflicts behind our author’s writings.  You only know this when you sit in on the Chatavods.

At the conclusion of my Blog Tour I was privileged to meet these lovely people during my own Chatavod,  who shared such support for my work and downloaded  my books.

Rave Reviews Book Club unveils the Independent Authors books that we wouldn’t know existed otherwise. So many varied genres to choose from.  So many  lovely Author/ Members to get to know…


‘Bad Boys’ Blog Tour

This week I’ll be appearing on a few blogs that have kindly agreed to allow me to post. The theme is the Bad Boys Blog Tour.

What is it that we of the female species love about the Bad Boys? The Rebel Without a Cause James Deans  of this world. Leather jacketed Marlon Brando, brooding and sexy in the crime/boxing thriller, On The Waterfront never fails to set feminine pulses racing.

The first post is a short story called The Tainted Dress, which is based on a true story. Today’s is a blog post of Interviews of characters from Progeny of a KillerInterviewing my own creations was incredibly fun to do. I hope you enjoy both of these, and the other posts coming up in the next few days, as well as an exciting Q&A I’ve got lined up!