Please indulge me in a little poetry…

Gladys was a Lady

Gladys was a lady

In the used to be.

I was but a farmhand.

And she fell in love with me.

Her parents they disowned her

The day that we were wed.

She laughed, cared not a whit

For I had turned her head.

We lived on love and pennies.

And saw two babies born.

Another died in childbirth.

Oh we sobbed and mourned.

The years rolled on and tumbled

As years are prone to do

But the love I had for Gladys

Just grew and grew and grew.

Then suddenly it happened

I didn’t make a fuss.

The day I found my Gladys

Left her shopping on the bus.

I asked her why she did it.

She cried so in my arms.

I told her not to worry

Bells rang in loud alarm.

I found her mind was wandering

Sometimes she’d look at me

Did she wonder who I was?

And frown at sympathy.

The day they diagnosed her

Was the day I died inside

For Gladys was my lady

My once and future bride.


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