About J.M. Shorney

jmshorney Jean Shorney is a writer in the South of England. Jean’s books cover a wide range of topics, from horror to gangland, while experimenting with other genres.

The modern phenomena of self-publishing has given Jean the opportunity to show her work to a wide audience. Her work has already drawn favourable interest from readers voraciously enjoying the exploits of her characters.

Jean grew up in rural West Berkshire, which is a place rife with tales of folklore and lurid ghost stories. These tales ignited the writer’s passion for writing, allowing her to weave her own tales while absorbing books from classics to science fiction.

Classics such as Dickens’ works were often given as presents by her family, while Jean sought out writers like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, which were sourced from places such as the nearby American airbase.  Along with these authors, other influences such as Jack Higgins’ thrillers, and classic TV like The Outer Limits and Gunsmoke, really piqued Jean’s interest in different styles or storytelling.

Now, following a happy marriage and raising two children, Jean has thrown herself back into her writing, exploring the platforms the Internet is offering, such as Twitter.


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