Published Book: The Devil In Soho

The Devil In SohoOriginally released as ‘Borrowed Time’, ‘The Devil In Soho’ follows the shocking events that unfold in ‘Stalking Aidan‘.
Aidan McRaney is a young man with secrets. Written in the first person, we watch as his life presents him with a series of situations that pull him back to his criminal past.
After a series of violent incidences, Aidan McRaney leaves London to seek refuge with his aunt and uncle in Ireland. He meets Caitlin McKenna, an Irish country singer who plays in a bar near the quayside.
McRaney falls for the singer, but all is not as he hopes as she has a boyfriend who is continually abusive to her. When McRaney attempts to rescue her from her brutal relationship, he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit and betrayal. It means only one thing for Aidan McRaney – a return to the dangerous underworld of London he left behind.
Order this tense thriller in paperback or ebook now!

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